Or maybe, not so much. Up early and out of here to hit the lake.
Morning testing:

Margarita Worm on a #3 offset-worm hook. Fish hardly weighed a pound, but fought enough for three pounds.

Five Second Rule:

Enough said.

Yeah Buddy:

Irony anyone?

12th Planet:

Thank you. Send me no more links. I picked it up the other afternoon, pre-announcement announcement. The discussion has raged, in scientific circles, for many months, more than a year? I think. I spend some time in Southern (South Eastern, really) New Mexico - whose motto is “Just like old Mexico, only cleaner.”

The deal is that, in that environment, the guy who ‘discovered’ Pluto is revered as a local hero. Therefore, Pluto and Pluto-like planets have to be planets, rather than demoting Pluto to the point of being an asteroid - hint: it’s actually a double planet which fits with an astrology theory I’ve developed.

Now, consider my time in hotels in El Paso. This one hotel, for five or six years, that hotel only had about 15 channels on the TV. Not that I’d notice, except that, on Sunday nights, after dinner and before bed? 12 of those 15 channels were Xena re-runs. So it seemed. The other channel was a hotel ad and two Spanish channels.

I doubt that I ever watched a whole episode. Lucy Whathersname, swinging around a claymore, and that little sidekick, who was supposed to get a planet’s name. That sidekick was the perfect Virgo. “I don’t think you should do that,” and “someone might get hurt,” and always with the voice of reason. As near as I could tell. I couldn’t ever stomach a whole episode, I just know it was on, and there was that big woman waving a sword around. And her sidekick.

Actual conversation:

I answered the phone, “What’s up, baby?”

“Hey, I’m going to sex shop this afternoon, I’ve got to pick something up for the young man, you want to go ?”

I can’t make any comments, other than I declined the offer.

Hot Weather:

Almost hit forty Wednesday: 40 degrees Celsius.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

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