Virgo days

(Yeah, and Virgo nights, too, I suppose.) Blackberry addiction, is it real?
Not fit for publication:

N.B.: This is all conjecture. Strictly a hypothetical. Didn’t happen. Just a fervid, febrile thought. Not suitable for a horoscope, but I did consider it.

So it’s late at night, and I was just poking around at various media items on the internet. No big deal, looking for interesting links and all, news stories, the condition of the world, and so forth. Looking at video feeds, as well.

But suppose our hypothetical web browser clicks through on some ad for a singles site, and suppose, again, this is completely fictitious, browser clicks on layer down and finds himself on a porno site. And then, while scanning images from the various film snippets offered, there’s a familiar face. I’m not saying it’s an ex-wife, but you know, it could happen….

And then there’s the lurid details, must be 18 to get this far, and there’s the ex, doing things she wouldn’t ever do with our made-up browser, and apparently, enjoying them, to gauge from the moans and gaging noises. Then, in another sequence, all hypothetical, there’s the ex, performing something she said she’d never do. And seemingly enjoying it.

Glad I live like a monk.

Fit for publication?

I watched the car trailered up and back a couple of times, wondering if it was an ad, or a movie. Looks like it was a mobile movie set.

Cherchez le petite poisson:

Watermelon-colored worm, soaked in garlic, the flavor bass crave, and here’s the odd part, yeah, it’s a fish story, see, I was about to call it a morning and get back to work, when I decided that I wanted to carefully observe the worm sinking, try and determine what count I could use for a desired depth. Close in to the shoreline, I was watching as that worm was slowly wiggling its way down, and then, a flurry of activity. Splashing, reeling, epic struggle.

Shakespeare graphite pole, Ambassador reel, Cajun line, in case any of those guys would like to sponsor me. You know, good product placement.


I’m not sure what the message is.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

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