Save the truck stop

Wandered into the El Paso Truck Terminal for some breakfast, the other morning. The Cancer girl, previously mentioned, was working, she seated us, in a nearly empty truck stop, and the Pisces proceeded to serve us, and answering my questions in her broken English.

The story is, since El Paso passed their no smoking ban, the truck stop’s long haul business was going elsewhere. So, the truck stop is no longer a 24-hour restaurant, which, according the Pisces, caused the customer’s to protest, staying away in droves.

I had a thought, the no smoking and various other considerations could easily be stemmed by electing a new governor - a non-political governor who is beholden unto no special interest groups

Except, maybe, teachers.

Save the truck stop - vote Kinky!

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

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