Election Day

“Hey Mister Policeman, please don’t take my stuff.
It cost me too much money, and it probably ain’t enough
To get me through election day.”

From Lyle Lovett’s album, My Baby Don’t Tolerate
“One way - or another - I’m going find you I’m going to get you, I’m going to get you…

One day next week, if the lights are all down, then I’ll follow your bus downtown…”

(Blondie’s guide to stalking, “One Way or Another…”)


Couple of tag lines.

“Astrology after ten PM? Astrofish.net: we’re up all night so you don’t have to be.”

(Although, if you are up all night, there’s always something new here.)

Then too, there’s the upwardly mobile version:

“Sport Utility Horoscopes: astrofish.net”

Another musical interlude:

“Sweet Dreams are made of these” (Marylin Manson doing a cover - definite improvement?)


“Don’t just vote! Vote Kinky!”

Where I go, when I die…

(not a musical allusion) I’ve found it. The perfect cemetery for me: now, I know, it was just an ad for a hotel, and I realize that the “Free High Speed” only implies fast net access, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they meant.

The Fang Sway folks will explain that locating a business right by a cemetery is not wise. But how about hanging the advertising banner on the fence around the gravestones? Or, is that advertising for the graveyard?

So a burial plot with high-speed (internet)? And a kitchenette? Might even be nicer than home.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

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