Stardust Motel

On the eastern edge of Marfa, TX, there stands a lonely sign. Stardust Motel. My picture isn’t particularly good, but it’s not bad, either.

When I got around to looking at the pictures, I though, I had an idea. The genesis of a process. The nascent concept led me to doing search for the information. But alas, all the names are long gone. I suppose it all comes back to Vegas, which seems to be recurrent theme these days.

Stardust, and most of the variations on that theme are now taken. Long gone. But it was a nice idea for a web page.

The image itself, while good, doesn’t quite do justice to the whole scene. It’s past the western edge of Marfa, out on the highway, and to me, it’s certainly walking distance to town, but then, everything in Marfa is walking distance to me.

The sign is all that’s left of where, presumably, the Stardust Motel once stood. Nothing’s there. There’s a scrap of asphalt paving, but not much else. A fence. Sky. Telephone wires. And that lonely sign.

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