Friday’s Five

Friday’s Five.

“You having a bad day or what? I just read your journal,” Bubba asked.

1> Yes, I was having a bad day. It’s a persistent problem with my conscience and customer service, see a former client keeps playing games, and I’m not interested. Paying customers are fine, non-paying customers are time consuming. Enough rude people, and my normally friendly demeanor gets worn a little too thin.

2> Bubba recounted the funniest story, about an encounter with a federal representative [uniformed variety>, “So he asked me, ‘Are you a Leo?’ and I said, no, I’m a Virgo.” I’m not sure his conversation really went like that, this is Texas and as natives, we are occasionally given to a bit of hyperbole. Remember, my buddy was telling his story to someone who’s an astrologer. “Leo,” in that context, meant Law Enforcement Officer. Chicken Fried Steak, Sagittarius waitress, excellent food, and pretty good mashed potatoes, at the Spoke. Better yet, the mass and volume of the Ranch Dressing outweighed the salad itself. Good place to eat. Good place to listen to music. Good place to dance country. Which I’m not about to do with some guy I refer to as Bubba.

3> Jo’s coffee is a personal favorite. Amy’s Ice Cream is also a personal favorite. The two of them together is an incredible mood altering substance. Got a cappuccino at Jo’s and rushed over to Amy’s for a scoop of Mexican Vanilla in it.

4> One of my favorite pieces of advice, doled out frequently, is that, “It’ll quit hurting so much when you quit banging your head against the wall.”

5> I have a client who sent me some disturbing stuff. It started some time ago, with a note that read, “I don’t want to be your client, I want to be you friend.” To my mind, I read that as, “I don’t want to pay for your services, I want them for free.”

It was along the way, I was discussing Kevin Smith movies, the book I just handed off to one friend, the fact that King James Bible is sitting on my coffee table, web software, Zen, and that girl from the other weekend, so all of this runs together. I can’t recall the conversation, not exactly, but it went something like this, “Is that what Jesus [fictional character> said to Mary Magdalene? ‘I don’t want to be your client, I just want to be your friend’?” Or was it the other way around?

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